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Congratulations on your new site based on the CNXION platform!

This document is intended for administrators or users with admin site access, such as content moderators.

This is a living document and frequently updated based on questions that are submitted by users. If you have any questions please reach out to us following the methods listed in the Support Channels section below.

Getting Started

You can access the portal at the following URL with the login details provided by your Account Manager:


if you have forgotten your password you can reset your password at any time.

Support Channels

Please note we do not provide first tier support to your users. We can help you as the CNXION account holder with any issues you are unable to resolve yourself.

  • Email gitlab-incoming+cnxion/ where appname is the name of your web application. eg. If your web application is then you would email support requests to gitlab-incoming+cnxion/[email protected]
  • Live chat on our website (in the bottom right hand corner)
  • While you may give us a call we encourage you to reach out via one of the above channels so we can send a solution we have on hand if possible.

In your support requests please make sure to provide the following details:

  • what device you are using (eg. pc, mac, iphone).
  • the browser and browser version you are using (eg. firefox, safari, internet explorer).
  • a step by step guide of how the tenants support team can replicate the issue you are having.

For further information regarding support please review the wearecnxion website support page.