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Allow users to setup their own store or customize the checkout process specific for your application.


The ecommerce feature allows to setup a marketplace using the CNXION platforms. It provides an ability for users to sell their products to other users and buy products from other users. These 2 groups of users are called sellers and customers respectively.

Related documentation

Please, make sure to read end user documentation in order to get understanding of what the ecommerce feature allows users of your site do. Also it describes some general principles of how various parts of the ecommerce feature work, which may be useful for you as well.

Products management

As an administrator you can help sellers to manage their products and product variations. In order to do that log into the /admin/ portion of your site and navigate to the Ecommerce > Products or Ecommerce > Product Variations sections. The first one allows you to create, edit and delete products, while the other one allows to do the same actions for product variations.

A list of products in the admin interface

In order to create a new product click the Add Ecommerce Product button. This will lead you to a page that allows you to provide information about this product. Please, note that a default product variation is not created automatically for products created using the admin interace. So, you will have to create all product variations manually.

In order to edit a product click a title of a product you want to change. This will lead you to a page that allows you to change information about this product.

An Edit Product section in the admin interface

Please, note that each product has a checkbox called Is published. This checkbox has to be checked in order this item to be viewable in the site.

The Data field contains additional information about the product. This information is specific to your shop. Please, contact our specialist to get a complete list of fields and possible values for them.

In order to delete a product you have to select it in a list of products using a checkbox on the left hand side of its name and select the Delete selected Ecommerce Products action from the Action menu at the bottom of the page.

The Delete selected Ecommerce Products action

Product variations management is performed in a similar way.


Both Product and Product Variation details pages in the admin interface have a section which allows you to specify shipping information for that product. In general these pages work the same as a frontend version used by sellers. However, there are some rules you have to follow to keep things working the way they should.

The Destination field should contain a comma-separated list of county codes or a special word "everywhere" in case you want to ship this product everywhere. Please, contact our specialist to get a complete list of available country codes.

There is a relation between shipping packages you select and a shipping package size. If you select a custom package than you have to enter data for the shipping package size as well. At the moment, length is measured in centimeters and weight is measured in grams.

While working with shipping rates, please, make sure that you select correct shipping services. So that a selected shipping provider really provide them. Rate first item and Rate additional items fields are required only if you select a fixed rate type.