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A short description for the feature (can be the same used in the frontmatter's description).


To write the feature overview, you should consider answering the following questions:

  • What is it?
  • Who is it for?
  • What is the context in which it is used and are there any prerequisites/requirements?
  • What can the user do with it? (Be sure to consider multiple audiences, like GitLab admin and developer-user.)
  • What are the benefits to using it over any alternatives?

Use cases

Describe one to three use cases for that feature. Give real-life examples.

Related documentation

Depending on what you are trying to do documentation for the feature is split into the following roles.

Contact Form

As an admin you can see contact forms submitted by users and how they were processed. If emails_sending feature is enabled, messages will be processed according to configuration.

Than contact form can be integrated to the tenant site:

Messages sent are stored in the database.

Contact form > Messages

Contact Form Integrations

Email Marketing

If a user visiting the website fills in any of the interest forms ([Requester] or [Provider]) the contact data is now additionally exported to a Sendgrid account as a contact and put on suitable contact lists: requesters go to [Requester] lists and providers to [Provider] lists as per configuration, e.g. sellers might go to “Sellers”, customers to “Customers” and both to “All waiting” lists.

It is also possible to migrate all information submitted by users in the past to sendgrid, please submit a Support Request with the CNXION team if you wish to do so.

To see the data please:

  1. go to and log in (upper right corner)
  2. after you log in you will be taken to Sendgrid dashboard (
  3. unfold the Marketing category in the sidebar menu on the left
  4. and go to Contacts (

You will see a list of contact lists there. You can click on any of the list names (e.g. Customers) and a list of contacts will show. Clicking on any of the contacts will show you the details of that contact as input by the user in the interest form.

Contact form > Messages Sendgrid