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Permission Access Levels


This feature allows to define various permissions in the application. Based on defined permissions, specific actions might be allowed or restricted.


  • Users of given type can be viewable by anonymous users/other profiles or not
  • Users belonging to a given group can/cannot view specific resources
  • Users that are not approved by admins can't use the platform
  • Users that have not attached a credit card and haven't subscribed to a given plan, cannot use the platform
  • Users of given type can be closed from registration
  • Specific objects should be hidden from public
  • and many more

Use cases

Real-life examples:

  1. Products managed by Sellers who are not approved by admin, cannot be purchased by Customers.

  2. Campsite Managers can log in to the platform and manage their campsites but no-one can register as such user, as they are precreated by admin.

  3. Patient profiles are not viewable publicly and Medical Providers profiles are viewable by Patients only when they are logged in.

Depending on what you are trying to do documentation for the feature is split into the following roles.

Feature in action

Here you can see an example of how the Permissions & Access Level Control feature can work. In this case, we have a Customer and a Seller. Sellers run their own shops, they manage and publish products that can be purchased by Customers. Any user can become a Customer on the platform, but Sellers need to meet specific criteria.


For that purpose we define following groups:

  • for Customers:

    • Customers group
  • for Sellers:

    • Sellers Pending Approval group
    • Approved Sellers group
    • Declined Sellers group


By default all newly registered customers belong to "Customers" group

newly registered customers belong to group


For Seller and his products to appear in search results, be public and purchasable by customers, Sellers need to:

  1. be verified by admin

  2. be connected with Stripe

  3. have their shop visibility marked as public in their profile

Without meeting all aforementioned criteria, neither Sellers nor their products would be visible in search or publicly viewable

criteria must be met for sellers and products to be visible in search

After the criteria are met, products become searchable, viewable and purchasable for customers

after criteria met sellers and products become viewable and searchable

Approving Sellers by admin

By default all new sellers belong to Sellers Pending Approval group

default group for new Sellers

If seller is waiting for his profile to be approved by administrator, they cannot access many pages, except their profile/account details pages. They are also asked to fill their profile details so admin can approve them

sellers prompted to fill profile while in moderation

Admin can approve seller profile if their profile details are correct

admin can review and approve profiles

If admin approves seller profile, they land in Approved Sellers group

group of user changes after approval

Admin can also decline sellers any time. Declined sellers will have access same access level as Sellers Pending Approval.

Connecting with Stripe

Seller need to connect with Stripe to sell products

sellers must connect with stripe step 1

sellers must connect with stripe step 2

sellers must connect with stripe step 3

Shop visibility

In Online Store Details > Profile Details there's a switch Store Visibility

toggle store visibility

Seller any time can decide to unlist themselves and their products from public search and public access. Once they decide do so, they just need to select Unpublished in Store Visibility dropdown.