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Ratings, Reviews & Feedback


This feature allows to rate, provide reviews and feedback between different beings/entities.


  • Users can review/rate each other (eg. Travellers can review other Travellers)
  • Users can review/rate other Users' objects (eg. Customers can review Sellers' products)
  • Users can review/rate flows in the system (eg. Customers can review Orders processing)
  • and many more

Ratings and types of reviews can be configured depending on needs (private feedback, public feedback, both).

All ratings, reviews and feedback can be viewed by you in the admin panel.

Use cases

Real-life examples:

  1. Sellers are running their own shops on CNXION platform where they sell products. Customers can buy products from these Sellers. After each order is placed, processed and delivered, Customers can rate & provide feedback regarding whole process, products themselves and respective Sellers.

  2. Riders are organising ride events where other Riders can join. After each ride, riders review each other providing comments and ratings.

  3. Providers submit medical services (treatment) proposals matching Patients' medical cases. If a patient accepts treatment proposal, after given amount of days, they can review each other providing both personal (private) and public feedback.

Depending on what you are trying to do documentation for the feature is split into the following roles.


Reviews feature consists of several modules:

  • reviews section inside profile details, where users can see: outstanding, given and received feedback (review)
  • section in profile where users can provide feedback and rating
  • section on profile public detail pages where other users can view all reviews received by a user being viewed
  • notifications sent to users that they can provide feedback/review
  • section in admin panel where admin can view/manage all the feedback provided between users, including private feedback for the platform owner

Feature in action

Here you can see an example of how the reviews/rating feature can work. In this case, a Patient can review another profile Provider, after receiving medical treatment.

Review flow example

  • Patient creates a case valid till 30 Oct 2018
  • Provider post a tender for this case, valid till 30 Oct 2018
  • Patient accepts the case on 1 Oct 2018
  • we assume in 2 weeks both parties discuss details and Patient gets the treatment
  • 14 days later after accepting the case, on 14 Oct 2018, both Patient and Provider get notification to provide the review. Additionally both Patient and Provider in their dashboard see they have outstanding feedback to provide
  • They have 14 days to write a review (to 28 Oct 2018)

Visual example

As a both Patient and Provider I can see outstanding/given/received feedback

As a both Patient and Provider I can see outstanding/given/received feedback

When a tender is accepted, system creates outstanding feedback to provide for both Patient and Provider. Which are going to be reveled for both profiles on execution date. Before that neither Patient, nor Provider can review each other

pending feedback can be tracked in the admin

After 2 weeks both Provider and Patient see they have some outstanding feedback to provide

Some period later users are asked for feedback - profile A

Some period later users are asked for feedback - profile B

System analyses outstanding feedback for all users and sends them notification if there is any

Notifications are sent for outstanding feedback

Notifications are sent for outstanding feedback

Notification that Patient gets to review Provider

Profile A can review Profile B

Notification that Provider gets to review Patient

Profile B can review Profile A

As a Patient I can review Provider

As a Patient I can see my given feedback

Then as a Provider I can view received feedback

When as a Patient I provided my feedback, I have no outstanding feedback to provide

No outstanding feedback to provide

Of course as a Provider I can give my feedback too

As a Provider I can review feedback I gave

Internal reviews are stored and can be viewed by admin