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Manage tenant search engine optimisation options.


Topic Description
Redirects Manage redirects via tenant admin.

Depending on what you are trying to do documentation for the feature is split into the following roles.


To manage 301 redirects for the site, log in to the administration panel:

  1. Select the Redirect Entries option from the `Redirects dropdown within the left hand sidebar menu.
  2. To add a redirect click the Add Redirect Entry button.
  3. To edit a redirect click on a redirect that has previously been added from the table.
  4. To remove a redirect click the checkbox next to the redirect you wish to remove and select Delete selected redirect entries from the action dropdown and select Go.

SEO Redirects

Add Redirect

To add a redirect proceed to step 2 from the Redirects section above:

  1. Enter the absolute path for the Redirect from field and the absolute or full url for the Redirect to field.
  2. Save your changes.

SEO Redirects Add


Please contact support for assistance, documentation to be updated.