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Seller Onboarding Guide

Onboarding guide for ecommerce sellers for the CNXION platform.


The ecommerce feature allows users to setup a marketplace using the CNXION platform. It provides an ability for users to sell their products to other users and buy products from other users. Please see the CNXION end user ecommerce documentation for more details about this feature.


Topic Description
Update Password Update seller password.
Update Email Address Update seller email address.
Edit Store Profile Edit shop profile including store name, profile image, bio etc.
Inventory Manage store inventory including products, variations, shipping, taxes etc.
Orders Manage orders and tracking of shipped items

Update Password

  1. Click sign in in navbar.
  2. Click forgot password from modal to update your password.
  3. Update password via forgot password email:

Update Email Address

  1. Log into account with new password.
  2. Access account settings > account details > change email.
  3. Verify new email by clicking link sent to new email address:

Edit Store Profile

  1. Visit my profile > online store details to edit your store profile:


Add & Edit Products

  1. Visit my profile > inventory to add/edit the products listed in your store:

Product Variations

Working with product variations:

Product Shipping

How to set up shipping for products:

Product Taxes

How to set up taxes for products with info on tax nexus:


Tracking Numbers

  1. Log in to your seller account and navigate to your Profile.
  2. Click on the Orders tab in the left hand sidebar menu.
  3. From the orders table click the order number for the order you wish to add a tracking number to.
  4. Click the Edit Order Items button at the top of the order detail page.
  5. Click the edit option for the order item you wish to add a tracking number to.
  6. Add a tracking number to the Tracking number field.
  7. Save your changes and the buyer will see the tracking number when they access their order detail page.