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Welcome to the CXNION platform documentation. The documentation is broken into separate sections to best suit your user type.


Documentation is currently in "Work in Progress" state. We have a backlog of implemented features we are documenting week by week. New features are documented as they are implemented.

User Types

Typically when viewing documentation you will be doing so as one of the following user levels for a specific Tenant.

User Type Access Level Definition
End User Public End users are final users that are using tenant's application, like Patients, Providers, Sellers, Customers etc.
Administrator Public Tenant administrators, marketplace owners. They can login to the administrative interface for their Tenant to manage content and perform day to day functions.
Superuser Restricted Superusers and users with superuser privileges to log in and manage the tenants via the cnxion admin and specific tenant admins to which they have been granted access. They are not (and ideally should not be) developers and do not have acess to commit code. Its our goal that developers are not required to do anything in the superuser documentation.
Developer Restricted Developer are the awesome people who dedicate their days to writing code making CNXION more and more awesome. Typically these people are internal staff unless you have taken an Enterprise licence and have a dedicated team. Developers have access to the code base and can edit, commit and merge code and send it to production.

Where do I look to find what I need?

If you are using a site that is running on CNXION, typically indicated by the "Powered by CNXION" tag line in the footer, then you may be looking for the end user documentation.

If you are the owner or someone with administrative access to a site running on CNXION then you are most likely looking for the administrator documentation. If you are advising your users how to perform certain functions you may also find it useful to consult the end user documentation.

If you are not a developer, but looking to configure or modify the way in which a tenant site is setup and are internal staff at CNXION then you are most likely looking for the superuser documentation.

If you are a developer looking to understand the reasoning and background about some functionality or to get up to speed so you can contribute code to the project then the developer documentation is most likely what you're looking for.

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